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Computer Repair in Pasadena, CA Computer Repair in Pasadena, CA
Virus Removal

Guaranteed results without ever leaving home.

Don't lug your computer to a repair shop. Just call Connectionz. We will be happy to come to your home or office and fix the problem on site, if further repairs are needed on the computer we will can take it back repair it and have it for you first thing in the morning.
One phone call gets you started!

Make the call now to 626-794-4900 and start enjoying your computer again.

What is a Virus anyway?

A computer virus is malicious software that creates copies of itself without the knowledge of the user to spread throughout one computer to another. Some of the most common sources of an infection are acquired through receiving email, browsing the internet or file sharing.
As a result, computer viruses consume a vast majority of your memory causing the computer to operate irregularly leading to system crashes and data loss.
If you are tired of your computer running slow and receiving constant pop-ups, let us get your computer running up to its normal speed.

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